The Sign Sets the Stage


How much is a good first impression worth?
Which one would you want on your front yard?

Cheap stick in the ground sign or a nice big hanging sign post?

Probably 4 out of 5 sellers would prefer a hanging sign post vs. a cheap looking push in stake system.

I use these signs posts because:

  • They look good. Gets listing off to a good start
  • No rust. Stainless steel fittings
  • No fading or yellowing
  • Stand straight and won’t bend over
  • Can be put into very hard ground
  • Clips lock tight so wind doesn’t blow sign loose.
  • Easy to install with just a big hammer
  • Economical. Can be used many times and still look fresh and new.

Learn from my bad experiences.

Don’t let rust make you look bad.


Make sure the clips and fitting are stainless steel

The locking clips keep signs secure even with high winds.

The Power Stake is solid steel with a point so you can hammer it in far enough even in the hardest soils. The tip doesn’t get smushed or distorted which allows the tube to slide on and off even after being used 20 times.


Other systems get smushed and bent which messes up with the tube sliding over the stake.


Other systems use different materials for the end caps which then yellow and look like garbage.


Other signs just don’t stand up tall. Usually the problem is that the stake isn’t able to penetrate deep enough in order to be solid. Other times it’s the lawn service people who remove the sign and then stick it back in crooked.
Here’s a sampling of signs I’ve seen in the past few days while I was out showing homes.


Can easily be installed in a minute with only a big hammer to drive the stake into the ground.
No screws needed. Has an ingenious key system that quickly locks in the cross piece.

  • Get the sign up immediately after taking the listing.
  • No waiting for installation.
  • No mix up with getting it installed in the right location.
  • Install it where you want no matter how hard the ground is.
  • The power stake will go where other signs won’t.
  • Very economical.
  • Can be used over and over so the cost per listing is very small.

The impression you will make is priceless.



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